Worldview | Centenary ANZAC Day March | VR Experience
Experience a moment in time captured at Melbourne's Centenary ANZAC Day March in 360 degrees.
Centenary ANZAC Day March 360 VR Experience Australia Melbourne
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Centenary ANZAC Day March

A wet Melbourne morning didn’t dampen our enthusiasm for documenting the 100th Anzac Day March for future generations and a special group of elderly folk who weren’t able to attend in person. Held throughout Australia and New Zealand each year since the close of the First World War, ANZAC Day Marches honour the men and women who have given military service in the tradition of the ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corp). This event saw Worldview’s first recording made with ambisonic audio that when played back in VR serves to match the direction of the sounds to the objects in the scene. So you see and hear the marching bands crossing the intersection.

Viewing this video on desktop:

  • Allow the video to buffer.
  • Press play.
  • Drag the image with your mouse.


Viewing this video on mobile:

  • If you have the YouTube app installed on your device, tap on the title of the video in the YouTube thumbnail.
  • The video will open in YouTube’s 360 mode.
  • To look about use your finger or rotate the device around.