Worldview | Melbourne International Film Festival MIFF
Queen had not toured Australia since 1985 but now thanks to 360 video a front row seat to this momentous occasion has been secured for all time. Working for Queen Touring Ltd. we produced a 360 video of the encore set comprising much loved hits ‘We Will Rock You’ and ‘We Are The Champions’.
Melbourne International Film Festival MIFF
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We got MIFF into virtual reality in a big way by creating a new style of VR delivery for them. Our combined media platform concept, live event design and VR content creation for MIFF has taken VR experience design for film festivals to the next level.

Innovative Delivery Solution


MIFF VR 2016 will be the first time anywhere a major film festival offers virtual reality content delivery with the same level of engagement, variety and efficiency as their cinema programs.


Our hybrid Rotary VR staging method and Sync VR media platform concept enables MIFF to hold high turnover, back to back VR screenings to ticketed groups of MIFF patrons. Audience members gathered together for an experience see the same series of 360 video clips at exactly the same time without them having to push a button let alone navigate a menu.


The focus is on the user experience with benefits starting from the time of making a booking through to the chit chat that follows any MIFF screening. The result is a better, more communal experience for festival goers and a more sustainable VR delivery model for film festivals into the future.



The MIFF VR Intro


The MIFF Sync VR delivery solution opened up the possibility of seamlessly slotting in additional VR content around the feature works being shown. Making use of that opportunity we devised content that further smoothed out the bumps in VR film festival viewing.


Produced by Worldview and shot in Melbourne’s most majestic theatre venue, The Regent Theatre, the MIFF VR Intro gets the immersive MIFF VR experience off to comfortable and thematically appropriate start. With none of the commercially available 360 video camera arrays being adequate for the task, we took our own approach to shooting and post production working with the highest possible imaging technologies available.