Worldview | Sydney Harbour - Yellow Water Taxi | 360 VR Experience
Experience on the water views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House riding in one of Sydney's most convenient methods of transportation.
Sydney Harbour Yellow Water Taxi 360 VR Experience Australia
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Sydney Harbour – Yellow Water Taxi

Yellow Water Taxis provide a convenient method of getting around Sydney Harbour while soaking in some of Australia’s best known landmarks. This 360 video takes you beneath the Sydney Harbour Bridge, past Circular Quay and up close to the Sydney Opera House on a sunny day as ferries and helicopters buzz about.

It doesn’t get any more ‘Sydney’ than that!

Viewing this video on desktop:

  • Allow the video to buffer.
  • Press play.
  • Drag the image with your mouse.


Viewing this video on mobile:

  • If you have the YouTube app installed on your device, tap on the title of the video in the YouTube thumbnail.
  • The video will open in YouTube’s 360 mode.
  • To look about use your finger or rotate the device around.