XC60 'Made By You'


Volvo XC60 'Made By You'

The local launch of Volvo's XC60 enabled prospective buyers to customise a virtual representation of the vehicle within VR.

'Ummm . . . and how about a Fusion Red exterior with that!'

Worldview was tasked with delivering this Volvo VR experience throughout Australia.

Very much a ‘room scale’ VR setup, 'XC60 Made By You' requires participants to configure the (virtual) car whilst on their feet and then - still wearing the headset - open the door and sit themselves in the driver seat.

And we're pleased to say not a single person jammed their finger in the car door!


The prototyping and smooth execution of 'XC60 Made By You' involved Worldview digging deep into it's bag of mixed reality tricks.


No margin for error on a tight schedule across multiple locations? No problem.

The VR activation took place within a burst of wider product launch activity project managed for Volvo by the brilliant operators at Yakkazoo.

Hats off also to the clever folk at Mediatec who  fitted out duplicate VR road kits that criss-crossed the continent helping us to 'pop up' the show like clockwork.

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