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Protecting Seal Rocks

The five-minute 360 documentary Protecting Seal Rocks explores the threat marine debris poses for the Australian Fur Seal.

To gain rare access to this protected species, Worldview accompanied research scientists on a visit to one of the species most important breeding grounds, Seal Rocks off the southern coastline of Australia.


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Worldview's Fur Seal programming has been packaged for a variety of location-based applications including secondary school classrooms throughout Asia (VR Educate) and clinical trials on pain and anxiety management as part of efforts by Phoria and the Murdoch Children's Research Institute.

Protecting Seal Rocks was produced by Worldview with the generous assistance of Phillip Island Nature Parks and is distributed worldwide via Virtual Content Group

Research Scientist, Bec Macintosh

While the Australian Fur Seal is back from the brink of extinction thanks to sanctuaries such as Seal Rocks, an estimated 300 of the 20,000 strong population at the colony become entangled every year.

The adorable seal pups 'steal the show' in Protecting Seal Rocks. Unfortunately, seal pup's inquisitive nature also places them at particular risk of entanglement within marine pollution.

Entanglement is often fatal due to starvation, infections, strangulation, drowning and increased vulnerability to predators.  Phillip Island Nature Parks research scientists visit the colony throughout the year making every effort to free entangled seals.

Worldview | Steve Spangaro | Protecting Seal Rocks
Worldview | Steve Spangaro | Protecting Seal Rocks
Worldview | Steve Spangaro | Protecting Seal Rocks

Our below, voice over driven excerpt  - part of the VCG Wildlife Series - has a lighter tone and focuses on the relationship between Australian Fur Seal mothers and their playful pups.

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