Worldview’s Sync VR delivery setup enabled the festival to translate the organic parts of our cinema-going experiences within a technically sophisticated method of presenting VR work.



Rotary Sync VR   is a framework for presentation of 360 video based VR experiences to a room full of people.

Devised by Worldview in 2014, Rotary Sync VR  has  lead global development of synchronous  location based delivery of 360 video for the likes of film festivals and museums.

Our solution involves top to bottom integration of playlisted content packaging, interstitials, VR playback technology and the physical delivery environment. The result is an enhanced, seamless user experience within an operationally cost effective delivery model.


A richer experience in the headset and less chaos on the sidelines.

Worldview's 360 production team has also created the Rotary Sync VR   interstitial elements used for the MIFF VR deployment such as the Regent Cinema 360 video opener pictured below. You can learn more about our solution for MIFF VR here.


The setup at MIFF VR was brilliantly put together and served as a sort of masterclass for presenting 360 video works to a festival audience.


(Director, 'Jafri')

Eric Darnell presenting his 'Invasion1" 360 video movie at MIFF VR

Programming VR content is no small feat and MIFF did an amazing job.


(Director, 'Madagascar' and 'Invasion!')

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