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Steve Spangaro - Wordview & Big Pipe Media

Worldview is an immersive experience design and production house specialising in virtual reality and 360 video.

We are boutique.

We are nimble.

And we ask a lot of questions to make sure we're seeing the whole picture.

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The more immersive the medium, the higher the stakes. Your audience surrenders everything in order to enter VR. Our multi-disciplinary design thinking helps you make the most of the moment.


We thrive on getting the job done. After years of execution across a range of mediums and generally putting on a show, we can shapeshift in a flash to bring the pieces together … on time and on budget.


Industry trends, creative strategies, team building, product evaluation . . . Wherever you see the gap, we can help build a road map for immersion that aligns with your vision.


We're cooking things up that configure proven technologies in novel ways to enable unprecedented user experiences. Perhaps we’ll show you a demo some time!


We’ve been very impressed with Worldview’s professional and collaborative approach to working with us and delivering on the project brief.


Ready to explore the possibilities?

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